We are excited to be partnering with Ally to introduce The Verse to the restaurant industry.

The Verse is the ultimate extension of your web3 presence, and there is only ONE launch. Brands, add an ordering channel of hyper-loyal customers. Vendors, meet hundreds of the most innovative brands. Welcome to The Verse, your future in the Metaverse!

The Verse is your brand's onramp to the Metaverse


Web3 Restaurant Mini-Summit

Devour is teaming with Ally to hold a Metaverse Web3 & Restaurants Summit upon the launch of The Verse this fall.

Ready to put your brand in the Metaverse? We have a sponsorship package for you!

One Sponsorship Packages Includes:

  • Land & Build-out in The Verse
  • The Industry NFT Collection Package
  • Web3 & Restaurants Mini-Summit Q4: Date TBD Based on The Verse launch
  • Mini-Summit Session Sponsorship
To learn more about putting your brand in The Verse:

Email: [email protected]

Schedule a Call: Book a Call with Chad Horn