NFTS for the Restaurant Industry & its fans!

Devour’s tribute to the Industry’s amazing workers is your reward!


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Industry Worthy Utility

Industry Collection holders private Discord Channel where the content and company are at their best.

Hold your Industry Collection NFT to receive monthly rewards… for as long as there are restaurants.

We have paid tribute to 12 restaurant worker positions. Collect everyone from chef to delivery driver to gain your advantage.

Hold an Industry Collection NFT for voting rights in Devour’s coming nationwide pickup/delivery restaurant.

The Industry Collection is an ongoing benefit to the restaurant industry with 20% of proceeds going to the Devour Foundation.

Devour’s tribute to the Industry’s amazing workers is your reward! We’ve stacked our utility line-up to bring you the most benefits for holding!

devour foundation

20% of proceeds go to the Devour Foundation!

Restaurant workers are the heartbeat of all restaurants. Our focus is giving back to these workers.

The Devour Foundation is giving in partnership with organizations such as the National Restaurant Association, Golden Rule Charity and local state associations.

In addition to the 20% from The Industry, 1% of every Devour Token transaction goes toward the foundation as well. Help us make a difference!

Are you a restaurant brand ready to collaborate with the passionate web3 foodie community?

Connect with the Devour team – we are ready to serve you!

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The Perfect Recipe

The more VIP Rewards Devour delivers to you, the holder, the more restaurants and workers benefit too!

Be a part of the future of dining experiences driven by Devour’s passion towards helping the industry effectively use NFTs, Rewards and web3 technology.

Join us in paying respect to the industry that has given so much to us and have a delicious time doing it.

The Industry

YES it is about the restaurant workers!

Twelve of the restaurant roles responsible for bringing life to the Industry and food to your plate. Most of us have done one of these jobs at some point!


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