The Club

Devour Founders Club

Devour’s mission is to make web3 accessible for restaurants and their fans. We believe that for web3 to become mainstream and valuable for the restaurant industry, we must first make it accessible. We launched our Founders Club NFT collection to demonstrate the answer to this foundational issue.

We are also inviting restaurant industry veterans and blockchain enthusiasts to join us on this mission and to imagine the ways NFTs can be used to further connect brands to their biggest fans.

As consumers and social media users, most people are used to signing up for activities via a social account. Devour is using social sign-up wallet technology to make it easy for the masses to create a crypto wallet and mint an NFT.

We believe it is important to showcase the ease with which restaurant guests can mint an NFT. Enter the Devour Founders Club: first to reward our supporters and community, second to get the word out about our free-to-mint with no gas fee NFT process.

No successful marketing campaign works without a mechanism by which fans can tell others about your product or service. We incorporated a Gifting Forward program through which those who claim the NFT each have two invites they can send to friends.

Just go to the Account link and you will see “Invite” as an option. The two you invite each then can invite one additional person to claim an NFT.

Devour is trailblazing a web3 movement within the restaurant industry. We will need the support of industry leaders and trusted advisors.

We set aside a max mint of 1000 for these Devour Founding Members who will be the first to join in supporting the Devour project, will lend their expertise, and will provide guidance on our future. They, too, are trailblazers embracing the upcoming technology shift in the industry.

Devour’s community includes restaurant workers and web3 enthusiasts alike. We welcome all. The common thread running through our crew is that we support the positive vision of what web3 can offer restaurants and their guests. 

We don’t succeed without a strong community and supporters who become part of this shared vision.

As-Is, this technology can be used for restaurant brands to mint NFTs for their invited guests, whether the NFTs are given, earned or sold. Beyond that there are numerous ways Devour can help a brand offer the next generation of dining experiences to these most loyal guests.
To all the forward thinking brands out there wanting to stand out from the crowd, we will help you take advantage of the exposure a web3 campaign can offer, and we’re always willing to discuss how an NFT mint can ignite a fire to your existing loyalty program. Reach out to connect and explore – .