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Devour is the first web3 payments, NFT and rewards platform catering to restaurants and their fans.


U.S. Restaurants



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Devour’s tribute to the Industry's amazing workers
The Industry Collection
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Devour Token

Our DevourToken $RESTAURANTS is our rewards utility token. Used by restaurants, collaborative partners and our own project to reward & delight guests, employees and community members.

Our DevourApp will enable restaurants to reward guests in crypto for ordering, loyalty, reservations and reviews. Restaurant staff can be incentivized with $RESTAURANTS to combat labor shortages and poor employee retention.

Earning crypto for dining experiences and rockstar employee behavior empowers brands with a cutting edge tool.

Devour PAY

To conduct business in a web3 world, means to accept payment in a web3 way. Devour is launching our DevourPay $DPAY payments token on the BSC network to be that crypto currency for restaurants in the Devour ecosystem of technologies.

DevourPay will be incorporated as the payment of choice in our DevourApp along with a white label debit card so that consumers can easily use for payment anywhere that Visa/Mastercard are accepted. 

Use of $DPAY for payment, will be rewarded in our $RESTAURANTS token. 

Devour Ecosystem

Token-to-Table Technologies

Building an ecosystem with so much real-world utility, our goal is market leader in web3 technologies for restaurants!


Devour Token

$RESTAURANTS rewards token on the ETH network. Used to reward guests, employees and the crypto community.



$DPAY payments token launching on the BSC network. Used as form of payment in Devour partnering restaurants.



The DevourApp is where our utility will come alive. Native wallet, access to NFT utility, payments, ordering, loyalty and reservations



Use cases for NFTS in restaurants is limitless. To execute, brands will need help. Devour is offering turn-key NAAS to help guide them from vision to execution.


The Industry NFTS

A tribute to the heartbeat of every restaurant, its workers. The collection will weave a thread of the past, present, and future into the store that is – The Industry.


Devour Foundation

Restaurant workers are the heartbeat of all restaurants. Our focus is giving back to these workers through collaborative giving with organizations focused on enriching their lives.

Devour Foundation

Restaurant workers are the heartbeat of all restaurants. Our focus is giving back to these workers.

The Devour Foundation is focused on giving in partnership with organizations such as the National Restaurant Association, Golden Rule Charity and local state associations.

1% of every Devour Token transaction goes toward the foundation and all of our NFT collections will have a portion of their proceeds go to the foundation as well.

TheIndustry-Jade (3)

Heck yes we are doing NFTS. We could think of no better focus of our collection than the restaurant workers themselves.

The collection will weave a thread of the past, present, and future into the story that is – The Industry.

Our Artists are hard at work crafting a collection that will delight and our team are continuing to build the utility and roadmap for a collection worthy of being called The Industry!

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Our online community is where Devour’s mission will come alive. It is the place where restaurant people can go to be entertained and socialize with other restaurant people.

Imagine a virtual cooking class with chefs, listening to a brand CEO share their experience or attending an online First Friday festival with entertainment. That’s the Devour experience.

Virtual events online, live pop up events in your city, podcasts, interviews and someday meeting your colleagues in the metaverse. These are ways Devour will become a lifestyle.

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